Kobolds have long been considered the most skilled miners in the land. Their small stature and inherent bravery allow them to squeeze into small and risky spaces, and they are very good with tools. Recently, however, the Kobolds have apparently dug too deep into the crust beneath the Molten Mountains. This has allowed an undiscovered race of Fire Ants to breach the surface. These Ants are each about the size of a man’s fist, not large enough individually to pose a threat to anyone, but they are very good at teamwork and they operate through a shared hive mind. The Ant Miners carry tiny tools, which they use to enhance their already-formidable digging skills. They always travel in packs and lines; if you see a line of Ant Miners approaching your home, do not attempt to fight. It’s best to just give up your home.

Ant Miners.png

Is it just me or do battles seem harder than ever these days? With 10,000 new players joining Splinterlands every day competition will surely increase. I wonder how many bots there are now. I’ve never used the Ant Miners in battle before, but their ability to scavenge health any time a monster dies makes them a useful card.


My battle went well. I didn’t lose a single card. Maybe Splinterlands should add a flawless victory reward like in Mortal Kombat. It’s not always the case, but whoever places out more cards usually wins rather than relying on one really strong card. In this battle, I laid out six cards to my enemy’s three. My Cerberus or three-headed monster dog got down to one health at one point, but his ability to self-heal is what made the difference. Thank you for reading about my battle victory today. Get in the game!

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