BATMAN -vs- TMNT: Please make this into a game!

How did I not know about this movie until now? I was born in 1980, so I was 7 when the cartoon first aired and I even remember some of the darker comic books before they went mainstream. The saddest thing about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise is that the best thing they’ve ever produced was in 1990 when the original live action film was released. I’ve shown the classic gem to friends and students here in Laos who’ve never seen it and they can tell it’s not CGI, it’s over three decades old, but it looks real. They always asked the same thing, “How did they do it?”

I’ve given ALL of the TMNT flicks a try over the years, but none have ever really even come close to capturing the magic of the first film. As a ten year old boy, it was the only film I remember that was a bigger deal than Star Wars. I also remember going to see it in a big theater with my friend Mike and we noticed this “old lady” in front of us sitting alone. She was friendly, but we were very surprised to see that a 24-year-old was also a turtle fan like us. In Catholic school, my teacher was very amused that in my version of heaven, I would choose to be a mutant turtle.



The Movie

Warner Brothers, nickelodeon, and DC has brought the turtles, the Footclan, and Shredder to Gotham City. Batman -vs- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has cheap Saturday morning animation, but the voice acting and ninja story kept me entertained. Did anyone else dream of being a ninja as a kid? I didn’t find out it wasn’t a real job and there was never going to be a ninja academy scholarship in my future until I was almost 13. Even though it’s been many years, I can still use most of the turtles’ weapons I practiced with for hours and hours in the woods. Mikey is my favorite turtle and I was always a Bruce Lee fan so I’m pretty handy with nunchuku.

I felt the characters all stayed true to form and used their weapons in brutal ways in this animated action adventure crossover. I won’t ruin or spoil the story for you. I’ll just say that I would have loved to watch this as a kid. Overall, I’d give this four out of five stars.

The Game

Remembering that I’m NOT a genius and someone else may have had this idea or even hoping the game already exists, I Googled it and found this awesome Reddit post by AuntieJamima. They posted a rad CGI video that looks like a gritty claymation of the fight mechanics if the TMNT were in a Batman game. I think it would be cool if the turtles borrowed some of Batman’s tech and could fly up and glide down on hoverboards from the future too. It would be so fun to go on five person online adventures as Batman, Leo, Raphael, Donny, and Mikey. If this ever becomes a real game, please leave me a NFT tip in the future…

THE LIBERATOR: The true story of the most racially diverse unit of WWII

This four part miniseries is like The Dirty Dozen mixed with Band of Brothers with Scanner Darkley‘s animation style and seems too good of a story to be true, but it is based on a true story.


It starts off with a young lieutenant tasked with getting J company ready for a live fire drill. When he finds it, he see’s that the J stood for jail. He gives the men the choice of staying locked up or to train with him.


When training at the firing range a massive bully of a master sergeant heavily berates his men so he suggests that rather than talking down to them maybe he should actually do his job and teach them.


This pisses the master sergeant off so much he invites the lieutenant for a fist fight behind the shed. This brawl earns him the men’s respect.


One of the American soldiers gets captured by the Nazis who looks at the names of some of the dog tags he’s aquired noticing most men have Mexican and Native American names. The Nazi suggests that America must be desperate to recruit men like that and the captured soldier defends his brothers saying they are Americans just like him. The Nazi officer tells him he has been to America. He studied at MIT and had traveled to the south and had seen signs barring Mexicans from bars and seperate water fountains for blacks and whites wisely asks why men would die for a country that treats them as second class citizens and tells him they are not like him.


I thought the animation over real actors was just an effect for the opening credits, but the whole series was done with it. It was weird at first, but it’s such a good story that it didn’t bother me after a while. Infact I think it helps the audience focus on the men of the story rather than the sets or props.

If you like WWII army movies, then The Liberator wont let you down. It’s a powerful story of courage and leadership. I thought this was a story too good to be true, but after looking into it, I found it was based on real events. I highly recommend watching this inspirational Netlix orginal series.

CLASSIC REVIEW: Pulp Fiction (1994)

Is it just me or do newer Quentin Tarantino films feel like they’re always trying to live up to this masterpiece? The new films look great, but lack the realness and raw dialogue of Pulp Fiction. (Inglorious Bastards came close though.)


I saw Pulp Fiction in 1995 when I was 15 and I thought it was like a documentary on life in LA. I was only a few years away from manhood and knew I had a lot of growing up to do to be half as cool as these characters. Now that I’m 40, I can confidently confirm that I never came close.


It’s one of the few films that get better each time you watch it, especially if you’re much older when you do. I highly doubt my kids have seen it. They’re old enough to watch it now, and the next time they complain too much, I’m going to make them watch it and tell them that it was what life was like when I was a kid and they should be happy with things today.


Anytime someone is searching for me on any kind of list, I always tell them I’m the one that’s labeled, bad motherfucker. Only one out of about 10 people will get it, the rest look at me like I’m insane. I always forget that not everyone has seen this gem.

Main Characters

If you’ve never seen Pulp Fiction before, then I don’t want to ruin anything, so I will just show the three main characters in some of my favorite scenes without spoilers.

Butch is a boxer.


He’s loves an old watch that his dad wanted him to have.

Vincent is a hitman who just came back from a European vacation.


Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Jules, really steals the show. Pulp Fiction is what shot Mr. Jackson into the stratosphere and his performance alone is enough reason to see this.


Pulp Fiction is remembered as one of the greatest films ever and most consider it Tarantino’s best. It won many accolades including an Academy Award for Best Orginal Screenplay. It boosted many of these actors into stardom as well.

Spoilers and Unanswered Questions

If you have not yet seen Pulp Fiction, please stop now and just let me say this film is a five out of five, a masterpiece, a must watch before you die, and one of my favorite movies of all time. The film still leaves you with questions though.

  • What is inside the briefcase?
  • How did Vincent and Jules survive the gunfight?
  • How did they get rid of the body?
  • What does Marsellus Wallace look like?