Share Your Battle – DRAGONS

Another week, another Splinterlands battle challenge. How are all you fellow monster lovers doing? Have you heard the good news? Our game is expanding to the world of football, err… I mean soccer. While I’m not a fan of the sport, I’m very excited about Splinterlands going mainstream. SPS stakeholders will also be getting airdropped the new game’s currency. I wish I had stocked up on more SPS, but I did use my daily airdrops to pick up the cards I needed so it’s all good.

battle (1).jpg

I like learning about new cards I’ve overlooked each week, but I also love showing off my dragons!

Djinn Chwala.png

For this battle, I chose Djinn Chwala as my tank or first card.


Djinn Chwala is a card I’m sure you’re aware of since it’s a reward card. I had a few extra DEC laying around so I decided to max it out.


I got a little too excited about finally maxing out this card and overdid it.


Luckily the system didn’t combine all of my cards like I told it to and only overmaxed the card by 6. That’s OK. I’m happy to help burn down this wonderful card and now I have a few extras to sell or gift to friends for the future.


My enemy also used a tank with thorns, but mine had shields.

Twilight Basilisk.png

My Twilight Basilisk and its reach and stun ability were also a big help in this fight.


I lost my archer in the first round, but at least she got a shot off before she died.


In the end, it came down to their archer which was last week’s battle challenge card. Archers usually can’t fire while in the front so this was an easy win.


Thanks for reading about my battle today. How are you adapting to the new daily focuses? I love anything that brings confusion to my enemies and the bots. Here’s the list in case you need it. Have a great day.


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