My friend Mike and I agreed that this was the greatest game to ever be made and there would never be anything better than this after clearing it our first time. We were both 15 in 1995, but he was way more grown up than me. Some kids at 15 look like they’re in their twenties while some look 12. I was the later and really looked up to Mike. He had already had many girlfriends and gave me my first hit of the reefer. I usually forget who I’ve watched movies with, but I’ll always remember who I cleared epic games with.


This digital art may look crude today, but we thought it was awesome back then. This game was released in 1993, so this was probably done on Microsoft Paint or a very early Photoshop. I spent so many hours attempting to draw on Microsoft Paint that it’s still the easiest for me to use today.


A few people played Doom‘s daddy, Wolfenstein 3D, but Doom was the first 3D game that EVERYONE played. You had to shut down Windows and boot this game from DOS. Not all PCs had speakers so a lot of us played without sound.


I was lucky and went to good public schools which always bought new IBM PCs and Macs so we could sneak install Doom onto some of the school’s computers. I think it was Doomand Mortal Kombat that started to give gaming a bad name blaming it on youth violence and our academic failures.

The Map


Doom was the first time I remember using a map. It was very difficult for me to remember the 3D game in my mind while reading a 2D map. I developed the, Always Turn Left, technique in Wolfenstein 3D whenever I got lost and brought the same lazy minded bad habbit to Doom, but it didn’t always work because it was a complex 3D world with stairs and different floors.


The demons in Doom got scarier as you progressed. Luckily for the player, the weapons got better as well.


By the end of the game you’ll have the BFG. We never did figure out what that acronym meant.


Gaming History

Doom will be remembered as a grandfather of many things…

  • 3D gaming techniques
  • online sales
  • online gaming
  • modding
  • FPS horror
  • expansion packs
  • turning games into movies

Thanks for looking back on this 3D and FPS granddaddy with me today. Have you tried the modern Doom games? I think this will be a great VR game and the Doom franchise will continue to scare and amaze us.