Hello everyone. I’ve tried participating in past Splinterlands art contests before, but I wanted to create my own character this week. I think the Croc Archer would make a good Epic card with both melee and ranged attacks that shatter magical shielding and causes double damage to magical enemies.Grund.png

After looking through the list of cards, I noticed there was only one crocodilian creature, Grund, so I thought he could use a friend.

The Crocodilian Archers of Praetoria are both rare and ancient. Their raw strength allows them to shoot large steel arrows that no human could ever handle. They are also tipped with dark energy crystals that can shatter magical armor and cause massive damage to magical enemies. Their royal armor and thick skin make them resistant to ranged and melee attacks, but they can be hurt by magic. If they ever find themselves on the frontlines of battle they can also kill with their claws, tail, and deadly jaws.

-Possible Splinterlore

crocodile warrior.jpg

I did a Google search for “crocodile warrior” and really liked this work by Anthony Argentin so I used it for inspiration. It really helped me get the head right, but I went with stumpier arms and legs.


My first sketch was awful, so I crumpled it up and tried again.


I liked the head on my second sketch, but I wasn’t sure what to do with the arms. If this ever got made into a real card I think him pulling for an arrow and then shooting it would make for a cool animation.


I decided on drawing him with an arrow already out so I could show it was tipped with a dark energy crystal.


I had a box of colored pencils that have never been used, so I decided to sharpen them and add color early on.


In my last drawing, I thought I’d just do a bit of penciling and then do all the coloring digitally, but using the colored pencils first was more fun. I also got another drawing to add to my wall.


I really liked this swamp photo by Ray Bilcliff on because I could use the leaves on the bottom to cover the croc’s feet which I was unhappy with while giving it a layered feel. Even though it’s a real photo, I thought it had a bright cartoonish look that would mix well with my croc.


I just used the technical pen tool and the smudge tool in Sketchbook. I smudged each scale from the outside towards the center then went back and drew the dark green lines again.


I added a picture of a dark energy crystal and used the lasso select tool to copy and paste it to the tip of his arrow. I had to smudge out the smaller crystal, but it mixed well with my drawing. The original pencil flames looked fine so I just stuck with that and blurred it a bit.


I had a lot of fun drawing this. I spent a few hours on the pencil drawing, but it took me a few days to finish up the digital part. I don’t know why I chose a square canvas. It made it harder to share as a thumbnail, but I just cropped it to a 5:4 format and it worked fine. Thank you for reading about my Croc Archer today. Have a good one!hiveline.png

The Sacred Unicorn – SPLINTERLANDS art contest #188

Hello everybody. Today I’m happy to share with ya’ll my entry for this week’s Splinterlands art contest of the Sacred Unicorn. I usually participate in the Splinterlands weekly battle challenge, but I was inspired to do some drawing this week too.

I’ve been stuck in the country of Laos 🇱🇦 (It’s next to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China.) since one day after my 40th birthday on March 27th, 2020. I had just applied for my work visa when they shut everything down. They said it would be for just two weeks, then two months, now it’s been over two years.


I live in the wonderful town of Luang Prabang which is a UNESCO world heritage site so I don’t have any complaints, but I’ve also been unemployed for quite a while. I was a teacher for a long time, but I started working at a hotel in 2018 and I decided that hospitality was what I wanted to do, then BOOM, Covid-19 came along. I was in the military when I was young, but I got out in 2015 so my GI Bill benefits expired a while ago, but I saw an email from the VA (The Veterans’ Administration) that I could get some job retraining so I took them up on their offer. Most of the jobs were for things like hospital work, welding, truck driving, and other technical jobs, but I noticed that they had a certificate in digital illustration so I chose that.

Most of my classes were about Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I felt that my teachers were just shills for Adobe and for buying a MacBook. Since Laos went lockdown crazy, I couldn’t find a new computer if I wanted to. I also only had an income of $285 for my disability compensation from the VA, so there was no chance in hell I was ever going to afford a brand new computer anyways. It took me a while, but I figured out how to get both programs to work on Linux on my piece of junk old PC with a little help from the Pirate Bay. I wouldn’t recommend it though. It was a total pain in the neck and I could only get 2012 or 2015 versions to work. Overall, I feel disappointed in my learning experience. Online classes just plain suck. I need to be IN the classroom. I need to be able to raise my hand and ask the teacher for help. I will NEVER take an online course as long as I live.

first sketch.jpg

One thing I did find useful from my course was my teacher saying that most digital artists still use good old paper and pencil to get started and then scan to Photoshop so that’s what I did. Since the whole NFT market is crashing I wanted to make fun of some of the other NFT projects I have tried but didn’t care for like CryptoKittiesAxie Infinity, or NBA Top Shot.

my battle.png

The Sacred Unicorn may no longer be the best card for using in Life battles, but it’s still my favorite card so I thought I’d do a few rough sketches and see how it went, but I was happy with the first try and just kept on going with it…

1.jpg2.jpg3.jpgWall of Art.jpg

I felt it was time to move from pencil to Photoshop so I added my pencil drawing to my wall of inspiration. If I ever become a famous NFT artist, I’ll mail someone the original pencil drawings. (That’s a big IF right?)


I went to Pexels and did a search for: SKY BACKGROUND and really liked the photo by Oleg Magni. I later got so frustrated with Photoshop that I gave up, quit, and decided it just wasn’t going to work out. I really miss my iPad and the wonderful program of ProCreate so I did a Google search for an alternative and came up with SketchBook. It took me all week to get used to it and to draw the Sacred Unicorn but I absolutely love SketchBook now.

my pen.jpg

Another problem I had was that NOBODY in Luang Prabang sells or has even heard of a stylus so I had to make my own. You can read my post: DIY: Make your own STYLUS pen at home if you want or need to do the same.


Now that I had my trusty DIY stylus and a good digital art program it was time to get crackin. I tried making the NBA ball in Photoshop, then in Illustrator, then in the Linux versions of Gimp and Inkscape but found it too difficult. The only thing I did with Photoshop was put the pencil drawing over the background image, but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have used Photoshop at all and just saved the background image as exactly that in the layers menu in SketchBook. I could probably draw this whole picture all over again in a day if I had to re-do it, but I had fun drawing it which is something I haven’t felt in a long time and I also learned a lot from my mistakes so it’s all good.


If I had been better at using layers, I would have had a much easier time doing this, but I’ll do my next drawing much faster and smarter.

predictive stroke.jpg

I absolutely love the predictive stroke tool in SketchBook and how you can adjust the level of AI-assisted drawing from 1 to 5. It was a better experience than using either Photoshop or Procreate in my opinion.Sacred Unicorn (1).png

Here is the original Sacred Unicorn image from Splinterlands. I used the eye drop tool and the undo tool about a million times. I used the eye drop tool to get the colors right from the kitty, axie, and unicorn, but I’m proud to have drawn this image myself without any tracing. I used to just put an A4 piece of paper over the original Splinterlands art, do a rough trace, then pencil and ink my drawing. Although it is good practice for getting your shading and inking down, it’s still cheating, right? Thanks for reading about my original drawing today. I’m looking forward to doing another sketch. Which Splinterlands card should I use for inspiration next?


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My Lovely DRAGONS help win another SPLINTERLANDS brawl!

How is everyone doing today? I’m happy to share with you another entry for this week’s battle challenge. I defeated my enemy while losing only one card and got a win for my team because of my dragon cards here.

Brighton Bloom.png

Since this was a battle during an earthquake I needed to use Brighton Bloom because he gives everybody the ability to fly and they won’t be losing two hit points each round. I have my Fire, Water, Earth, Life, and Death summoners at level 3 while Brighton Bloom is only at level 1, but no one else is as useful when the ground shakes.

Djinn Chwala.png

Djinn Chwala is one of my favorite cards because when enemies attack with melee they will hurt themselves by two points because of his thorn ability. He has decent shields, so he can take a few arrow shots, but he is susceptible to magic attacks. If you equip him with a healer and armorer he can be unstoppable though.

Naga Assassin.png

I like speed. I’ll have my cards arranged the fastest ones first when choosing my cards for each match and the Naga Assassin is fast even at level 1.


When looking for the lore art to make this post I noticed some whale (probably a bot) is selling a bunch of maxed-out Naga Assassins for less than $8 so I added $10 of credits from PayPal, bought her, and a few more at level 1 to level up the one I already had at level 2 to level 3 for a few cents.


I’m too far away from the 150,000 power needed for Gold II, so I’ll just rent her out and forget about her for a while.

rented fast.png

I won a gold foil version of her a while back and don’t have any Dragon summoners who can summon level 3 rare cards, let alone a maxed-out one so they will be better served as DEC collectors than warriors for now. I locked them and put them on the rental market and they were rented out immediately. Thanks for reading about my Splinterlands battle and journey today. Have a good one!splinterlands divider.png

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splinterlands divider.png

SPLINTERLANDS: Tales from the Crypt Beetle

Any explorers that delve too deeply into the crypts, mausoleums, and necropolises of the world will find a foe they are unprepared for. Not undead, not liches, and not other monsters that can be found in the deep. Instead, tales are told of the crypt beetles. Enormous insects are found feeding on the corpses within. Most explorers think they are a mere nuisance and will try to scare them away from whatever tomb they are choosing to rob, but things don’t end well for those explorers. These large beetles will defend themselves and their food aggressively. And any explorer that makes it back out alive will have impressive scars to show from the crypt beetle’s bite.”

Splinterlands Lore

What’s up fellow NFT gamers? Splinterlands is the best play2earn game in the blockchain space, right? Is there any other game where dedicated players are happy to see prices go down? I’ve been able to max out a few cards for very cheap lately which is something I was afraid would be impossible just a few months ago. In the end, there are only so many cards, and people will merge and burn the current supply so they’ll go up in value in the long run. I personally hope that Chaos Legion sells out slowly so I’ll get the chance to get stronger. I do feel that we’ve waited a bit too long for Land to come out, but after watching the Splinterlands town hall meetings on Youtube every week, I have faith that the team will do things right and have the best intention of us players at heart.


Today I’d like to share a Brawl fight with you. This is actually my son’s account. He’s just a kid and doesn’t understand what NFTs are or why he should be playing this game over his Nintendo Switch games, but I’ve added him to my guild and have been building up and playing his account and Gladius cards over time. He doesn’t have the best cards yet, but I’ll rent a few crucial cards for a day for really cheap before I enter the Brawl so we don’t let down our team. If you’re not owning or already in a Guild, I highly recommend it because you’ll up your game since you’ll know that your whole team is counting on you to win.

Palidon Rakk.png

The enemy had a Palidon Rakk out front. I’ve never even seen this guy before and was afraid he’d beat us. I mean come on, he can rip trees out of the ground and smash you with them!

Crypt Beetle.png

The Crypt Beetle wasn’t the strongest card in my selection, but it worked as a good roadblock to help us win. It only has two health points, but the one shield point helped slow down my enemy by two rounds of attacks.

beetlemidway.pngKotriphus Bayne.png

Even though the enemy had a summoner who gives all of his cards the thorn ability which means that every time I hit them with a non-ranged attack I’ll take two damage points, my powerful Kotriphus Bayne has the bloodlust ability which increases all stats after every kill.


In the end, it was just Kotriphus Bayne against the chicken and we were able to add a win to our guild. Thank you for reading about my son’s battle today. Have a great day!

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The Time Mage will slow down your SPLINTERLANDS enemies

Time Mages are members of the Order of the Silver Shield and close associates of the Wizards’ Council. They are trusted to peer through the fabric of time and reality to foretell the future or manipulate the present by slowing the flow of time. They can also speed up the aging process of armor, causing it to rust prematurely. However, with such power also comes great risk. The future is ever-changing, and the ripples of time can affect everyone. Time Mages must undergo strict training to ensure they don’t abuse their power and use it only for the most dire of circumstances.”

-Splinterlands Lore

Hello, fellow Splinterlanders. Today I’m happy to share my Time Mage battle with you today because it took me only one try to defeat my enemy with her. Sometimes it takes up to ten times to win with the card of the week or to make it relevant in battle, but not today.

my battle.jpgQuix the Devious.png

For my summoner, I chose Quix the Devious. I won a Chaos Legion pack and was lucky enough to find him inside. I hope I can win a few more of him in the future because he’s kinda expensive. Even though he’s a level one summoner, he’s a legendary card so he can summon cards higher than level one. He also looks really cool.Djinn Chwala.png

Djinn Chwala is my favorite tank. He has both shields and the thorn ability so he’ll usually end up killing the enemy tank and if you provide him with an armorer and a healer he can be unstoppable sometimes.Robo-Dragon Knight.png

I just chose the Robo-Dragon Knight because he’s badass. It was also a melee can attack from any position ruleset and I knew he’d do a lot of damage.Xenith Monk.png

The Xenith Monk works well as a secondary tank as long as he’s a level two or higher because he can self-heal.

Time Mage.png

And now for the star of the show, the Time Mage. She’s beautiful and she also slows down all of your enemies. Since my summoner also slowed down all enemies we had a major speed advantage.Venari Crystalsmith.png

Going into any battle without a medic or nurse is just foolish. You should have a healer for every splinter. Venari Crystalsmith also shoots arrows at your enemies. I’m pretty sure that’s against the Geneva Conventions, but this is the Splinterlands!


The Shieldbearer was the only one to die in this battle. He has the taunt ability so enemies will attack him first. He gave his life for our team’s victory.


Thanks for reading about my Splinterlands battle victory today. Get in the game!


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My Kulu Swimhunter battle and why SPLINTERLANDS is the best NFT play2earn game

Kulu Swimhunters are members of a race of squid-like creatures that hunt in packs. They use their multiple tentacles to wield all manner of projectiles, including spears, coral, and even fish. They are very aggressive and are known to traverse oceans, lakes, and rivers, killing for sport and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. They do not value gold or glory and will ally themselves with whoever promises the greatest opportunity to hunt and kill.
The young boy leaned on the ship’s gunwale, staring dreamily into the deep green of the water. His father was a simple fisherman, but the boy fantasized about one day being a naval officer… or perhaps a pirate. Anything but a simple fisherman.

Movement in the water below caught his eye, and he leaned over the gunwale, squinting into the depths. A dark shape rose toward the surface. It was emerald green, with two shining orbs set into its surface. As it drew closer, he realized the orbs were eyes. Tentacles waved in the water around it. A squid, the boy thought. He smiled and watched the creature’s ascent with interest. Suddenly, a tentacle shot out of water and threw something at the boy. A dead fish struck him hard in the temple. He winced and staggered, but before he could recover, the tentacle wrapped around his neck and yanked him over the side of the boat. The boy landed in the water with a splash and was quickly dragged down into the depths of the ocean.
-Splinterlands Lore

my battle.jpg

What’s up fellow Splinterlanders and Splintercurious? Today I’m sharing another battle using a card I’ve never used until today, the Kulu Swimhunter. I have both this card and its gold foil version, but like many other players, I got stuck in the habit of using the same old cards as usual.

If you’ve never played Splinterlands before and want to join a great community with play2earn NFTs where the players call the shots, then there really isn’t a better game out there right now and I’ve tried a lot.

Splinterlands is like Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone without centralized greedy corporate thugs calling the shots. Your cards are YOURS and no one can take them away from you. (Unless you share your private keys.) It’s also a fun game that I’ve been coming back to almost every day for three years and I’m a very picky gamer. They have wonderful customer support and if you ever have a problem (which I’ve only needed once and they came to the rescue in less than five minutes) they’ll help you out with real human customer service.

my battle.png

My Battle Strategy

I absolutely crushed my enemy today. (They need to add a reward bonus for whenever you defeat your enemy without losing a single card.)Diemonshark.png

I put my Diemonshark out first as my front line soldier or tank because he seems to win a lot. I also added two healers to make sure he stayed alive after his shields ran out.


I used to rely on my Sea Monster as my water tank, but the Diemonshark outwins with its shields. This card used to be handed out as a reward card like free candy. I remember MAX level cards being worth less than $10 not that long ago. That’s why I’m scooping up the cheapest Chaos Legion cards right now, maxing them out, renting, and forgetting about them.

People are dumb. They’ll sell and burn cards for nothing. Over time cards that are worth a penny will be worth a dollar. You just have to be patient Splinterlands is like Super Mario. People will ALWAYS play this game. It has a loyal community who doesn’t care what the price of cards are. They like the gameplay. They like the strategy. They just want to win!Deeplurker.png

I used the Deeplurker because this is a strong and nasty card that hunts down the enemy’s weakest card. I feel this card should be nerfed. I’ve been defeated with weaker enemies so many times just because of the Deeplurker. It also has the poison ability at level 6.


The Creeping Ooze is another card I once discarded as worthless, but now view as a very valuable and MUST HAVE card. It was once less then a penny, but now you can buy a level 1 for $3 and I highly recommend this card because it only costs 1 mana and slows down your opponent which can mean everything in a battle.


Now let’s take a look at the star of this week’s battle challenge, Kulu Swimhunter… This isn’t a bad card, but unlike most cards, it lacks any abilities. This is why I’ve never used it before. I always look for cards that bring something to the battle within the mana allowed. Some cards can heal, slow down the enemy, poison, break shields, and so on, but Kulu Swimhunter only shoots arrows. How does an octopus hold and shoot a bow and arrow anyways? It helped me secure a battle victory today so no complaints.


I often lose to level 1 players even though all my summoners are level 3, but today I beat a level 6 player like a chump. That’s another thing I love about Splinterlands. You can defeat a richer and more powerful opponent if you have a better strategy.

Open Letter to Splinterlands…

You guys are honest. Ya’ll have a vision of making the world a better place and not just to make millions then rug pull like most losers in the DeFi, Blockhain, Play2Earn space, but not everyone likes strategy card games.

Splinterlands has great lore and cool characters. There is also a solid economy and a loyal player base. So here is my question…

Why can’t we expand this game and economy to have RPG, racing, and FPS games that could use DECSPS, and LAND?

Land could be played like Sims. All the ranged attack monsters could be played in a Fortnight or GoldenEye 007 like FPS. The rest could be racing in a Mario Kart like game. I’m not sure how the RPG world would work, but including Land and making it look like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Genshin Impact would bring in lot’s of players and would be totally awesome.

To my friends…

I’ve been talking about this game since 2019. It’s here to stay. It’s fun and it requires strategy and intelligence to win. Why haven’t ya’ll gotten in the game yet? I run the gaming guild called The Mandalorians. Once you’re good at the game I’ll invite you to our team.

Kulu Swimhunter.png

Thanks for reading about my battle victory, strategy, and ideas for the game today. Have a good one and look out for all the arrow shooting octopi!

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SPLINTERLANDS: My Radiated Brute battle and intro to the RENTAL market

The spreading blight on the continent of Praetoria twisted both the land and its people. Plants and animals were the first to become corrupted. Fungus sprouted from vegetation and gave them sentience. Animals grew extra limbs, heads, and grew to extraordinary sizes. Then the people fell ill. Some thought it was from the plague brought about by Doctor Blight. Others thought perhaps it was from the poisonous gases that seeped from the fissures near the volcano. Whatever it was, those who survived the sickness were changed. They mutated, grew stronger, and were filled with an uncontrollable rage. Some were unable to control that rage and went on murderous rampages. Others fought to maintain their sanity long enough to protect their family, friends, and neighbors from themselves. They fled into the Jade Thicket, where they became as feral as the wild animals of the continent. The people of Praetoria referred to them as Radiated Brutes.”


What’s up fellow Splinterlanders? Today, I’d like to share my battle and first experience renting out my cards. I have both a gold foil and standard Radiated Brute but have never used it in battle until today.


With a speed of 1 at level one, the Radiated Brute would be useful in a reverse speed ruleset where the slowest go first. His reach ability would also come in handy. He costs about six cents right now and only a dollar for a gold foil version which will be level three.


Never Sell, Just Rent…

With my collection power at 110,000 I’m too far away from the 150,000 threshold to level up to Gold II, but also wasting rental opportunities. I sold all of my max-level Beta cards last year to get into the whole DeFi craze and was happy to be making a hundred dollars a day, but that didn’t last long. If I had just rented out my cards it would have been a better investment by a multiple of the tens of thousands, but I had no idea this game was going to blow up in popularity. Oh well, Chaos Legion is here now and cards are very cheap so we all have another chance to level up our cards.

Having many double sets of both gold foil and standard cards, I decided to rent out as many of my gold foils as long as I stayed above the 100,000 collection power mark.


Renting out cards within the game is very simple. As long as you make the rental price a bit lower than the suggested price, you’ll usually be able to start renting out your card right away. If you’ve recently used your card in battle you’ll see an error message though. I think it’s a 24-hour wait, but I’m not sure.

peak.png is a great tool for seeing your ROI and available cards. I’m not a financial advisor or a DeFi expert, but this is the best DeFi experience I’ve ever had. I really like that my cards are all locked for 30 days incase I get hacked and someone tries to sell off my cards. I personally think there should be a longer lock time than 30 days. What about Splinterlands players in the military? They can be gone for up to a year without access to their cards. I would lock my cards for 999 days if it were an option.

My Battle Strategy


This was an equal opportunity battle ruleset so monsters will be attacking the weakest enemy. I put my Djinn Chwala out first because he has the thorn ability and plenty of shields. My Radiated Brute was the weakest card so was attacked first, but was able to get off a hit before he died. Carnage Titan has the reach ability so he works well as a secondary tank. The Chaos Dragon is a powerful magic card and Gloridax Magus has the blast ability so they did a lot of damage. I usually put Cornealus in the rear because it has the healing ability and plenty of life. My enemy relied mostly on strong melee attack cards.


I recently opened the summoner, Quix the Devious, who is a dragon summoner who reduces the enemy’s speed and ranged attack. It’s my first legendary summoner and I was pleased to see that even though it’s a level one, it can summon level 3 common cards and level two rare and epic cards.


My enemy was strong, but my dragons were just too much for them in the end. You got to love that Chaos Dragon. He’s got a lot of life, plenty of shields, and has a strong magic attack that hits random targets even if there is a taunt. Thanks for reading about my battle and rental experience today. Get in the game!


A carrion shade is a dark-winged bird that feeds off of the dead bodies of animals and people. They often flock to battlefields and dangerous parts of the wilderness where there are sure to be corpses. They travel in small groups and have no natural predators. Most people fear the carrion shades, though. For to see a group following you is to know your life is in danger. Tales whispered by the elder wise women claim that if you see a single carrion shade perched outside your home, then someone you love will die that night.

What’s up fellow Splinterlanders and Splintercurious? Today I’d like to share my Death battle victory with you. I’ve never used my Carrion Shade in battle until today, but it helped me win this battle and some DEC.


The ruleset for this battle had an earthquake which means non-flying monsters will take damage each round so I chose the dragon summoner Brighton Bloom who will grant the gift of flight to all of his monsters.Brighton Bloom.png

There was also the rule that ranged monsters using a bow and arrow can shoot while in the front position, but neither my enemy nor I used this ruleset to our advantage.


I used my Carrion Shade as a sacrificial pawn so my Haunted Spirit could stay in the fight. I also used two magic attack monsters with the leech ability growing their health every time they hit the enemy. I used an armorer who ended up not doing his job. Why do armor repair monsters sometimes not work? Is it a glitch or is it just how they are? Fiends cost zero mana so I put one in the rear to absorb any sneak attacks.


My enemy only had one flying monster and in the end, it was not enough. I’m one who loves to break the rules, but when playing Splinterlands, paying attention to the rulesets is one of the best ways to secure your victory. You should also look at your enemy’s past lineups and predict what they will do. You can also arrange your cards by speed. I think speed is the least important thing to consider, but it can make a difference in a well-balanced match.

There are so many games that throw around the terms NFT and play2earn, but in the end, they are just centralized scams. Splinterlands has been a truly decentralized NFT game before anyone was using the word NFT. I would love to see them expand to other types of games like RPGs, shooters, and racing games using the same economy one day.

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Winning some DEC with my new gold foil SHADOW SNITCH for this week’s Splinterlands Battle

Shadow Snitches are created by the conjurers of the Chaos Legion. Weaving Death magic, they breathe life into beings made completely of darkness. The purpose of the Shadow Snitches is to be deployed into lands prior to the Chaos Legion’s invasion. Moving from shadow to shadow, they are listeners and watchers, feeding information back to the Chaos Legion. Once the invasion is complete, the Shadow Snitches still serve a purpose. They can locate and follow high-value targets, reporting back on movements to Chaos Legion leadership. If needed, Shadow Snitches can also capture prisoners and bring them back for interrogation.


What’s up all my fellow Splinterlanders and Splintercurious? Today I’d like to show you my strategy for winning this battle and my overall feelings toward this wonderful game.Obsidian.png

Every since Obsidian came along as a free-to-use summoner who increases every magic monsters’ attack power by one point, it seems that other players rely on her a lot. I’ve felt dread several times whenever I’ve seen this confident-looking queen of magic show up to wreck my team with her power.Owster Rotwell.png

Well, not today because I’m using an older card from the Untamed days, Owster Rotwell, who will give all of your team the ability to reflect magic attacks right back at ’em. Remember to take the time to look at your enemy’s past five lineups to predict what they will do so you can counter them as I did here.


Even though she came at me with strong magic killing most of my monsters, my recently won gold foil Shadow Snitch with its reach ability and the powerful Sand Worm and its sneak ability was able to finish them off.Shadow Snitch.png

I must admit I was not a big fan of the Untamed cards. They were goofy looking and did little against the older cards, but these new Chaos Legion cards are both beautiful and strong. I love the artwork for Shadow Snitch. Its hand has a creepy 3D look that reaches out of the screen without the need for glasses.

I often lose to players using all free-to-use Chaos cards while I’m using hundreds of dollars of cards, but with a weaker strategy. At first, I was mad seeing my expensive older cards getting power drained and constantly losing to noobs, but now that I’ve earned a bunch of the new cards it’s not a problem anymore. It’s quite good that a new player with a better strategy can beat an OG like me.

I love crypto and I love gaming and so far Splinterlands is the best mix of both so far. I want NOTHING to do with the Ethereum blockchain, so don’t recommend any games on that chain, but does anybody know of a better play2earn game right now than this?photopea-interface-ps.png

I used Photopea, a free Photoshop clone, that works beautifully inside of your browser to manipulate my screenshots and added art and story from the LORE tab when looking at cards. Splinterlands uses vector PNG files so they can easily be used in posts like this. The new Chaos cards have border lines around them, but can be easily removed. Thank you for reading about my battle today. What’s your favorite Chaos Legion card?

If you want to get into play2earn NFT gaming without the hassle of paying $30 fees for every transaction on the Ethereum blockchain then I honestly don’t think there is a better option right now than Splinterlands. Get in the game!

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Now that Chaos Legion has been released, some of the old free-to-play cards are no longer available but are still very cheap to rent. I will be mentioning only one card per splinter minus the summoners and will only recommend level one cards for new players’ sake.

It is time to enter my battles for the brawl. I don’t want to let my fellow guild members down so for just a few DEC, I can really increase my deck’s strength and hopefully help my team win first or second place so we can win more merits.

Prices are always changing, so I won’t go into that other than to mention that you should always compare the Beta and Alpha prices because Alpha sometimes gets forgotten and you can find cheaper prices there. Now let’s take a look at each old card I think you should be renting and why…



I usually rent cards for just a day then use them in my brawls, but Cerberus is a truly special card. I once had this card maxed out and sold it so I could celebrate Lao New Year. Those turned out to be some very expensive beers! Cerberus is great because at level one it can self-heal and only uses up 4 mana. I usually put it in the second place to serve as a secondary tank. If you are getting hit with blast attacks Cerberus will usually be able to heal up each round. Of all of the cards I mention here, Cerberus is the number one card you should be renting. I would love to have a Cerberus in real life.


Water Elemental.png

When I first started playing the game back in 2019 I’d remember seeing Water Elemental in my enemy’s lineup and know I had already lost before the fight began. It has decent speed and ranged attack for 5 mana, but its self-healing ability is what makes it a must-have card.


Earth Elemental.png

Earth Elemental is slow and only causes one point of ranged damage, but for only 3 mana it has a health of 6 and serves as a great final card absorbing sneak attacks.


Air Elemental.png

Speed. Speed is what makes Air Elemental‘s ranged attack useful. What other cards have a speed rating of 6 at level one? Just don’t use Air Elemental if the ruleset is where the slow go first.


Haunted Spirit.png

Haunted Spirit may be slow, but with a health of 7 and the self-heal ability, it’s a hard card to beat. It works as a great primary tank, but I’ll usually put it in the second position to pick up after my first tank goes down.


Serpentine Mystic.png

A lot of people may disagree with me on choosing Serpentine Mystic, but I love his affliction ability which can take away your enemy’s ability. I’ve won many battles because my Serpentine Mystic took away my enemy’s ability to self-heal.



Cornealus is a powerhouse. It self-heals 4 points each round, has a health of 12, and can cause 2 points of ranged attack damage. I’ve won many poison gas and earthquake battles because my Cornealus was the last card on the battlefield. Thanks for reading. Get in the game!HIVE LINE.png