Blood Lust -vs- Life Leech

Banished from below over the past several decades, there has been a bitter feud between the Venari people and the Dream Warden, who rules the Underworld realm. The Dream Warden collects the bodies and souls of dream criminals from all over the world, confining them in an elaborate prison of illusions that resembles a dream. When the Dream Warden’s territory became overfull of prisoners, he began expanding into the Strite and interfering with the daily lives of the Venari. The Venari are fighters and not the type to be bullied, so they resisted the loss of their valuable land. For nearly 30 years, an underground war occurred between the Dream Warden’s nightmare forces and the Venari people from below. The Dream Warden was ultimately victorious, but he had to sacrifice the captivity of every one of his prisoners to find that victory. All in a moment, he released their minds and bodies, but not before implanting a single thought into their waking consciousnesses: The Venari must be banished to the surface.


The Venari Bonesmith is a card that was massively overprinted so I managed to get two MAXed copies for cheap. One for play and one for renting out. I wasn’t sure what kind of land plot I was going to get so I got a variety of MAX-level cards. Now that DEC is no longer handed out like free candy, we must find other ways to earn it. I rent out any gold foil cards that I also have a stronger standard card of, hold the SBT token (It drips VouchersSPS, and DEC daily directly to your game account), and I convert all of my HBD to DEC from all of my Hive posts. The Venari Bonesmith is a strong card for the mana used. It can life leech which means it steals heart life from the enemy with each magic strike. If you put it in the right spot it can get up to twenty life points or more which can win you the match. It also can poison and dispel.

battle.pngI like to share my battles as animated GIFs, but I got utterly smashed by my enemy because of Grum Flameblade‘s blood lust ability where my enemy didn’t lose a single card so a simple screenshot will do. Blood Lust boosts all of the card’s stats each time it kills so once it gets on a roll it can be impossible to stop and that’s what happened to me today. This was a “healed-out” battle where neither summoner nor healer cards work so I went with a bunch of life leech and scavenger cards. This usually works, but not when Grum gets a taste for blood. I really love him and plan on getting him to MAX level soon, but he’s good enough at level 3 for me now. Thanks for reading about my battle today. What do you do when healing is not allowed?


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He has been known by many names: Eater of Death, Lord of Ruin, The Pestilent. Usut is all these things, but more than anything else, he is the Undying. Only those that have lived with death and walked its halls can truly know the joys of life. Usut knows this all too well… so who better to torment and persecute the living. Three hundred years dead, Usut was made revenant by the Lord of Darkness himself. Lagfael found the red dragon’s corpse on a mound of bones and treasure in his lair within the Black Glacier on Mortis, preserved within a frozen tomb of ice. There was something about the dragon that pleased him, so he breathed an ancient spell, and life once again found purchase in the great drake. Usut now soars the skies of the Splinterlands. His haunting cries are a proclamation to all: death is coming, and it is only a matter of time until it finds you. He is Lagfael’s personal reaper and a creature that fears nothing. It is said that to look upon his terrifying visage is to welcome death into your heart. There are records of those brave enough, or foolish enough, to seek to slay the Undying. Their bones lay with all the rest, scattered across Usut’s pyre of death. Never before has the undead become such a living nightmare.

stats (1).png

Usut is a great new reward card that I’m glad to own and was afraid to see in my enemy’s lineup because if it can kill then the bloodlust ability kicks in and all stats increase by one each time it kills an enemy. Usut can just start devouring your monsters if it gets going so you have to kill it first if you can. I like to distract my enemy with a taunt so Usut can get to work. Once he’s MAXed out he’s a very OP card, but I doubt if I’m lucky enough to win 10 more of these cards. Whenever soulbound reward cards can get unlocked and sold, I’m sure Usut will sell for a pretty penny because few players will want to part with it.


My battle today was exciting because it wasn’t clear who was going to win until the 7th round. I knew my front-line monsters would die in this earthquake battle from enemy attacks so I didn’t care if they could fly or not. The self-healing eyeball of death never seems to die so I put it in the back and Uriel in the middle so he would be fresh when it was time to fight the other flying monsters that I was sure my enemy would choose. I think I won just because I had a stronger summoner. (If all stats are the same, then the player with the higher-leveled summoner goes first.)


Are you ready for land? I’m so excited! I’ve saved up some DEC and have 5 MAXed 🌳Earth🌳 cards ready to work on cutting down trees on my forest plot. Am I doing it right? 🌳Earth🌳 cards will work best in a forest right? I can’t wait to start chopping down some of those digital trees!


Thanks for reading about my earthquake battle with Usut today. I didn’t realize it was a dragon-like creature with its mouth open until just now. I always thought that he had a helmet on with one glowing eye.


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SPLINTERLANDS: My Dragon NFT Battle Victory

Some time ago, Daria Dragonscale nearly lost her twin brother Delwyn to the Burn that had stricken so many of the scaled. She would have lost him completely, but at his deathbed, she hired the services of a dark sorcerer who transferred his soul into a special Heliosoulstone. While he was suspended inside the stone, Daria traveled to the Earth Splinter, where she visited the Flesh Golems in the root of the Elder Tree. With their help, she created a new Golem from fleshy scraps. Delwyn’s soul was transferred into the new Golem, and Daria had her brother back… forever.


I’m having a lot of fun playing Splinterlands now that there are so many new players. It makes the game harder, but also better in many ways. I was once a Champion player, but got bored and sold everything before the recent popularity. Now I’ll be lucky if I can crawl back up to the Silver League. At least I still get daily SPS airdrops for back in the day when I earned those Champion points.


If you’re like me then you’ll regret seeing just one treasure chest reward while struggling in the Bronze League. That’s why I make sure I have a Quest Potion before I complete my Daily Quest. It will add 5 treasure chests to your reward. It’s not expensive if you pay with credits. You can also pay with DEC, but with these strong DEC prices today, you’ll pay way more.


My dragons kicked ass! We didn’t lose a single monster in this battle! My Sea Monster was able to take most of the damage while my dragons got to work destroying the enemy.

Delwyn Dragonscale.png

I chose this Dragon summoner, Delwyn Dragonscale, because he increases everyone’s magic attack power.

Serpentine Mystic.png

The Serpentine Mystic can take away an enemy’s special power like self-healing, so I always choose him.

Dragon Whelp (2).png

The Dragon Whelp isn’t usually a strong card, but when his magic attack is increased by the summoner he can do some damage.

Fire Spitter.png

I should’ve chosen more magic attack monsters to do the most damage, but I think this is a beautiful card and my battle would look cooler with the Fire Spitter. Thank you for checking out my battle today. Get in the game!


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FREE FIRE: Let’s go on a killing spree to #1

What’s up fellow gamers? Today I’d like to share one of my favorite games with you today, Free Fire. This game may not be that popular in the West since it is clearly a Fortnite clone, but it doesn’t require much storage or power, so it can be played on low level phones making it one of the most played games in the world.


I recommend playing alone or with your friends in real life because the game will just auto-pair you up with some selfish noob teammates who wont have your back and will leave you to die even if you beg them for first aid. If you play with 3 other good players and work as a team, you’ll be unstoppable.


Everyone seems to want to jump out of the plane right away and start shooting. I think it’s better to wait, be one of the last to jump, collect a bunch of stuff, and let everyone else who was all impatient kill each-other off.


I’ll do a couple circles after the parachute deploys to see if there are any other players in the area and if alone, can take time collecting weapons, armor, and first aid kits.


The game is free, but good clothes, guns, and characters cost real money. I just wear whatever I think will work best for camouflage. I’ve been kicked out of teams before because my outfit wasn’t cool enough for them and they thought I was a total noob. I think my outfit looks sexy. What do you think?


Once I got my bag full of stuff, I’ll grab a vehicle and look for foos to run over near the shrinking safety zone. A sniper may take you out while driving, so it’s best to drive fast and erratic.


Vehicles make for great cover and bait. A lot of times enemies will unload their clip on my car giving me time to get them in my scope.


Airdrops are a good place for running people over.


I finished first with 18 kills today! Most of them got run over from behind and didn’t even see me coming. When I was down to the final few, I kept telling myself not to get cocky, these are the best players who are still left, but I was just too good at running people over today.


Thanks for checking out Free Fire with me today. My handle is JeremiahLee+ if you want to play with me. As a teacher, I try to keep things fun for my students and this is one of the games we’ll play together to practice conversation skills. All of the images in this post came from my gameplay today. I used Procreate to blur away some of the onscreen buttons. Can you tell where?

Splinterlands Art Contest: SPIRIT OF THE FOREST

She’ll heal and protect her friends while flying and shooting arrows at her enemies. She’s hard to hit and does a lot of damage while keeping the front monster alive making her one of my favorite cards.


From the safety of the Eldest Tree, deep in the shrouded magic of the Hungry Wood, the Spirit of the Forest lives and grows. She is one of the original creators of life in the Splinterlands, and little happens without her knowing about it. She can be summoned to battle by a skilled summoner, but she loves all her children as a good mother should.

Coming across the latest Splinterlands Art Contest, I thought I would do a sketch inspired by one of the new cards, but after looking through them all, I decided on sketching the classic ALPHA card, SPIRIT OF THE FOREST, instead. At first I thought I would have her growing a tower of protection and a tree from the ground as if she where a reverse Night King from Game of Thrones. I copy and pasted her and her healing powers from the game initially as inspiration or as a guide, but she fit in perfectly, so I moved, resized, and redrew her healing magic and blurred her into the picture. I changed her face and hair a little bit and made her boobs bigger. I changed the position of her arms to fit with my idea and had her hands blur into healing power and the tower so I could avoid drawing them. I took some pictures along the way in Procreate then stacked them all on top of each other in their own layers and exported it as an animated GIF. Thanks for checking out my Splinterlands sketch today. I know I cheated a bit with the copy and paste part, but it was fun and it came out nice.

Dear Dragons, Help me escape the Silver League!

There are many play to earn crypto games, but none so far have the community or solid gameplay Splinterlands provides. You need to buy a $10 Summoner’s Spellbook to begin, but you’ll also get a HIVE account where you can post and earn with communities like TravelfeedLeoFinance, and the HIVE Gaming Community. There are many more great communities on the HIVE blockchain, but those are where I spend most of my time. I came across this Dragon challenge today, so I monstered up and tried to break free of the SILVER LEAGUE with the help of my lovely DRAGON cards.

Each time I get close to the gates of the GOLD LEAGUE, I get kicked down and struggle to come back only to be kicked down again. It’s because you only earn 10 rank points when you’re near the top where most of your opponents are lower ranking and when they win you’ll take a huge hit to your rank.

After this great battle I knew I had something good to share and it also gave me the momentum to go on a ten straight winning streak…C2441C4A483144C68A9FFBA9DF0CC743.jpeg9B31D74ABF95464088086068C748792E.jpeg

And to finally be free of the dreaded SILVER LEAGUE. Why is SILVER LEAGUE harder than GOLD LEAGUE? I think it’s because GOLD LEAGUE players rely on strong cards while SILVER LEAGUE players are using weaker cards, but better strategies. Anyways thanks for checking out my battle today. Have a good one!